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Accuracy, Timeliness and Transparency all come together to set our process apart.

Westchase Title has addressed common title problems and it is that experience and their commitment to ensuring all title reviews are accurate and meticulous provides a foundation for our service. The team has strong connections to and experience working with local government agencies and municipalities.

We handle transactions ranging in size from several hundred thousand dollars well into the tens of millions of dollars.

  • Accuracy:  Our goal is to use our team’s experience to anticipate and uncover title problems and ensure our clients have an appropriate, effective mitigation strategy for any issue.

  • Timeliness:  Westchase Title, LLC, residential and commercial division, partners with the experienced real estate attorneys at Westchase Law, P.A. to identify and resolve title issues quickly.   We attempt to work quickly with all transaction parties to identify the important potential issues and resolution steps (resurveys, litigations searches, etc) for each unique residential and commercial property.

  • Transparency:  For us, this means no surprises. Any issues with title are clearly and quickly communicated to the transaction participants.  In most cases we will have a series of next steps clearly laid out to resolve the issue.  Our clients can always reach out to us to determine the status of their property’s title progress.


Contact us today to find out how Westchase Title Services can help get your residential and commercial transaction to the closing table with confidence.


Title Insurance – Protection for Owners and Lenders

As a licensed agent for Stewart Title Guaranty and Old Republic Title, Westchase Title Insurance Policies provide unsurpassed protection for both owners and lenders. They are the top five leaders in title insurance and one of the largest title insurers in the nation.

WCT wants to see its lender and investor / owner clients confident that they are well protected even after closing.

  • Lender Policies: These insurance policies protect the lender should a title problem arise after the closing and is based on the dollar value of the property loan. The policy amount decreases as the underlying loan is paid down over time and eventually disappears if/when the loan is paid in full.

  • Owner Policies: An owners policy is issued in the amount of the real estate purchase. It lasts as long as the owner has an interest in the property. Should a title problem arise like errors or omissions in the deed, recording mistakes, forgery and/or issues with unidentified heirs to the property, the title insurer will stand behind the owner – monetarily and with legal defense if needed – to protect the owners interest.

Title insurance can be a confusing part of closing a real estate transaction.  Our professionals have written extensively to clarify why one needs title insurance, lender vs. owner policies and how title insurance can help get a real estate transaction closed.

Contact us today to find out how WCT Residential and Commercial Real Estate services can help get your residential and commercial transaction to the closing table with confidence.

Tampa Title Company Specializes in Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings

Westchase Title, LLC has extensive experience representing buyers and sellers at real estate closings. We work hard to help ensure our clients’ rights are protected.

Residential and commercial closings

At Westchase Title, LLC, we have experience in all aspects of residential and commercial closings and come to every transaction with a detail-oriented legal approach that enables us to resolve any legal issues burdening a property. We bring our clients a high level of protection during their real estate transactions because we are well-versed in current Florida statutes and also in the ever-changing legal precedents regarding Florida property laws.

We work our hardest to provide the best possible legal counsel for Florida land owners. Westchase Title, LLC has closed everything from commercial transactions to refinances or purchases.

When our client is responsible for obtaining title insurance, we handle the matter in the most efficient and effective manner. We review the title searches and lien searches to ensure that all your bases are covered.

When buying and selling property, you need a rock-solid title insurance company

And that’s what Westchase Title, LLC is. Our searches can unearth a host of problems that could jeopardize title to a property, including defective property descriptions, liens, unpaid municipal charges and even forgery. You can count on us to protect your rights in a real estate deal.

Call our Tampa office today at 813-490-5212 or contact us online.

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Due to the overwhelming number of fraudulent cashier’s checks circulating in Florida, we will require all cash to close be tendered in the form of a wire transfer. Our wiring instructions will be sent with every closing transaction and are available upon request. THANK YOU.

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