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Suzanne Bracewell


Phone: 813-490-5212

Suzanne Bracewell joined our team in September 2013. She moved to the West Coast of Florida in August 1999 from S. Florida where she grew up and eventually graduated from high school and on to college. She never did finish college though as her life took a turn when she interviewed for a job with an accountant in 1984. The accountant hired her and she became his assistant. He then incorporated her and set her on a path to become an entrepreneur. He soon retired and set her up to handle all his clients accounting input work for their annual taxes, from their those clients hired her to be a temporary stand in for employees going on vacation or leaves of absence, so she started a temp service to fulfill their temp needs. They then asked her to recommend cleaning companies to which she opened a cleaning company and hired employees to clean their offices. By the time she was 26 years old, she had grown her business into 3 separate dbas to which she sold off individually or merged with other companies. From there she took a job as a bicycle, toy and furniture assembler and moved up to start her own crew. She would go to stores that needed displays assembled for their show room floors and build them or she would build toys and bicycles that customers needed built. She did this for several years until the company she worked for closed shop. She then went on to open another company handling process serving, courier & permit pulling for attorneys and builders in S. Florida. By the late 1990s, her husband at the time took a job that required them to move to the West Coast of Florida, so she sold off this business and moved to the Pinellas County area, where she now resides.

Since moving to the West Coast of Florida, she found herself divorcing her husband and raising her young son by herself, and since she had a young son at home, she decided it was in her best interest and less stress if she worked for someone else than starting another business, so she decided to take on a temp job working for a title company. She liked it so much that she decided to continue in this line of work to which brings her to this day. She has 14 years of Title Insurance experience and has worked in all areas of title, starting as a customer service rep and moving up from there to finally a title closer and escrow officer.

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